Sofa Repair

We are the top of our field in this section, repairing both leather or fabric sofas and chairs. We can also repair broken wooden frames, replace seat springs. We will renew your seat foam, padding or re-pad any part of your sofa and chairs.
Sofa Repair
Customer Sofa Repaired after it was damaged being moved
Four seater sofa purchased by customer but the sofa could not go into the apartment block due to small hall ,stairs and lift.
We got the job of making the sofa into two separate pieces and added connecting brackets.
We cut the fabric and interior foam down the centre to expose the interior wooden frame, removed seat and back springs to allow easy access to cut the wooden frame in half.
Added two side wooden panels to strengthen the two separate units, then reformed and reupholstered the two ends to complete the restoration,
Two pieces were delivered into the apartment no problem.
When there is a problem don’t call the medic call the Furniture Doctor
Sofa reUpholstered
Arm Chair Reupholstered
Chair repaired
Customer wanted her mother’s old wicker chair restored.
Chair Repaired
Broken Chair Leg Properly Repair
Sofa Cleaned
Sofa Cleaning for all Accidents!!

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